Share your story!
This project is all about garments & stories, and we’d love to add yours to our collection. Do you own a dress that you’ve bought on sale and that is mistaken time after time for a designer piece? A jacket your mom gave you as a child, a timeless accessory that you still can’t believe you found in the 50% off bin? Great! This is how you can contribute:

* Take a photo of yourself wearing the garment, in front of a white background
* Write down the garment’s story in min. 100 and max. 300 words
* Send the photo and text to, and allow us to share your story on this website

Maybe you have tons of friends that will love to help too?
Then become one of our Ambassadors and collect content by throwing a party, a clothing swap or another event. In return for your help to find the greatest stories untold, we’ll support in making your event into a success with our Dotted Suit toolkit. Interested? Contact us!

A bit shy, but still like to help?
Share the projects with friends via Facebook, Twitter or any other kind of (social) media, to inspire others. The more people know about the project, the better, so start sharing. You can also make a donation to help realize the project. Contact us for more information.